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The SM ROAM 6 is an excellent portable enclosure for smaller Eurorack modular systems, packing 168hp into an incredibly small footprint. Marrying smart design to modern materials, the ROAM 6 is as compact and durable on the road as it is elegant and stylish in the studio. And because you can latch it while it’s patched, the ROAM 6 is an ideal option for the Eurorack synthesist on the go. No more wire-clearing and re-patching for every gig! Patch, go, and ROAM.



• 6u x 84hp = 168hp total

• Accommodates Eurorack modules up to 3” deep

• Made with premium durable plastic and hardware

• Includes High-quality Vector rails with M3 threaded inserts

• Dimensions

Closed (18.25” x 6.75” x 13.5”)

Open  (18.25” x 14” x 19”)

• 18 lbs. empty


Color Options

(a) Black

(b) White/Black/White

(c) Current Seasonal Special: Yellow/Black/Yellow


Power Options.

Please note: to make our cabinets as modular and as safe as possible, we sell and install only switching power supplies that run off of two signals, POWER and GROUND. This allows us to daisy-chain power supplies between cases by routing power from the switching power supply in one cabinet out through a dedicated output DC jack and jumper cable to the DC input of another cabinet.

I/O Options:

(a) 3x 2.5mm DC barrel jacks (1 in/1 out bottom; 1 in top) for daisy-chaining switching power supplies between SM Morph cabinets.

(b) 2x AC input + switch (1 bottom; 1 top) for linear power supplies such as the Doepfer PSU3 (add $5)

                        Installed Power Options:

(a) 2x Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio Bus (1 bottom; 1 top) (add $244 + tax) and 1 Tiptop 15v universal PSU (add $120 + tax)

(b) SM Fingers mounted 1/8” cable holders (set of 2)

(c) SM Board Keyboard Stand topper for using SM products with standard keyboard stands

Power Option:
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