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The Morph 9 is the largest of the main cabinet components in the SM Morph Modular Case System, offering users 3 x 84hp rows to stuff with eurorack modules. Like the smaller Morph 6, the Morph 9 offers all of the same features of the Morph 3 only with triple the module capacity. Stand the Morph 9 up, lay it down, stack it, pair it, latch it, hinge it, take it, and play it. The Morph 9 can stand alone to enclose a sizeable modular
system in style, or it can be a building block in a much larger system. You decide. Skein will grow with you.
• 9u x 84hp = 252hp total
• Fully modular within the SM Morph Modular Case System
• Playable in two orientations (face-up and face-out)
• Height-adjustable in face-up orientation
• Accommodates Eurorack modules up to 3” deep
• Made with premium durable plastic and hardware
• Includes High-quality Vector rails with M3 threaded inserts
• Dimensions (18.25”W x 15.25”D x 19”H)
• 24 lbs. empty

Color Options
(a) Black

(b) White/Black/White

Power Options.

(a) 2x Intellijel tps 30w (add $278 + tax) and 1 Mean well 80w ac-dc psu (add $35) + tax)

(a) Travel lid for Morph 9u. The travel lid protects
modules in an SM Morph 3 with a latch-on plastic face. Kit Includes:
• 1 black powder-coated bolt-on handle
• 1 face cover w/ latches
Frame/cover Color Options:
(a) Black

(b) White/Black/White

(b) Hinged travel case adaptor for Morph 9u. The hinged travel adaptor protects modules in a pair of SM Morph 3 cabinets using a latch-on hinged frame to hinge and latch your Morph 3’s closed face-to-face while patched to make a symmetrical carry-away unit.
Kit Includes:
• Hinged frame
• 1  bolt-on handle

Color Options:
(a) Black

(b) While/Black/White

Power Option:
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