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The Morph 3 is the smallest of the 3 main cabinet components of the SM Morph
Modular Case System. Essentially a 3u skiff when oriented face-up and doors-down, the
Morph 3 offers the user a tidy desktop enclosure for a miniature eurorack system, but
with built-in surprises! For one thing, in its face-up orientation, the Morph 3 is height-
adjustable—simply open the locking doors, and it stands up tall for those standing gigs
with the short tables. And if your miniature eurorack system grows, just latch another face-up Morph 3 to the front of your standing Morph 3, jump power from one to the other via the dedicated DC out jack, patch, and play.

But that’s not all. Oriented face-forward, the Morph 3 (or a stacked pair of Morph 3’s if you like) fits snugly atop other cabinet components in the SM Morph Modular Case system like, say, a Morph 6, or a Morph 9…or a pair of Morph 6’s, or a pair of Morph 9’s…or a Morph 6 atop a Morph 9…or a pair of Morph 6’s atop a pair of Morph 9’s…you get the idea. Again, the only rules in the SM Morph System are that (1) you can’t stack more than 2 of the same cabinet, and (2) you can’t stack bigger cabinets on smaller ones.

Finally, with the SM Morph 3 travel kits, you can fortify your Morph 3 (or pair of Morph 3’s) for travel. Accessorize with the travel lid for Morph 3, and you can latch-on a protective cover that, like all SM products, allows you to leave your system patched between home, studio, and stage. If you have a pair of Morph 3’s, the Hinged travel case adaptor allows you to hinge and latch your Morph 3’s shut face-to- face while patched. Whether you’re new to modular synthesis, whether you just want an elegant table-top synth to supplement your studio environment, or you’re a returning SM customer who just needs a bit more space, the Morph 3 is a small but essential component to build with.

• 3u x 84hp
• Fully modular within the SM Morph Modular Case System
• Playable in two orientations (face-up and face-out)
• Height-adjustable in face-up orientation
• Accommodates Eurorack modules up to 3” deep
• Made with premium durable plastic and hardware
• Includes High-quality Vector rails with M3 threaded inserts
• Dimensions (18.25”W x 7.5”D x 7.5”H)
• 8 lbs. empty

Color Options
(a) Black

(b) White/Black/White

Power Options.

(a) 1 Intellijel tps 30w mini (1 bottom; 1 top) (add $119 + tax) and 1 Mean well 60w ac-dc psu (add $25) + tax)

(b) 1 Intellijel tps 30w (1 bottom; 1 top) (add $139 + tax) and 1 Mean well 60w ac-dc psu (add $25) + tax)

(a) Travel lid for Morph 3u. The travel lid protects
modules in an SM Morph 3 with a latch-on plastic face. Kit Includes:
• 1 black powder-coated bolt-on handle
• 1 face cover w/ latches
Frame/cover Color Options:
(a) Black

(b) White/Black/White

(b) Hinged travel case adaptor for Morph 3u. The hinged adaptor protects
modules in a pair of SM Morph 3 cabinets using a latch-on hinged frame to hinge and latch your Morph 3’s closed face-to-
face while patched to make a symmetrical carry-away unit.
• Hinged frame
• 1  bolt-on handle

Color Options:
(a) Black

(b) White/Black/White

Power Option:
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